Summer 2020


Summer 2020 Structured Literacy
30-hr Virtual Series

July 14-August 13 Series Cancelled

Stay Tuned for Fall 2020 Series Dates!

“This is the best and most helpful PD I have had in MANY years.
 The videos were great and definitely backed up the learning points;
the visuals were helpful and will give me something I can refer to later on. 

Excellent presenter! Her humor and expertise kept me totally engaged.” 

Each topic in this 30-hr course is delivered over three consecutive days in two-hr virtual (live Zoom) sessions. Sessions run from 10 am-12 pm (EDT), Tu-Th, July 14-August 13.

This series developed by Dr. Margie Gillis will empower teachers with knowledge and best practices to enhance their tiered intervention or special education specialized instruction.

A Structured Literacy™ approach teaches decoding skills explicitly and systematically, ensuring that students understand the elements of language, including phonology, orthography, morphology, syntax, and semantics. It beneficial for all students and vital for those with dyslexia. All sessions are required.

Understanding and Assessing SLD/Dyslexia: The Role of Phonology in Reading  Tues-Thurs. July 14-16

The Alphabetic Principle and Phonics: Building on the Foundation of Phonemic Awareness  Tues-Thurs. July 21-23

Advanced Phonics and Morphology Instruction: Linking Sounds, Symbols, and Meaning Tues-Thurs. July 28-30

Grammar and Syntax: The Building Blocks for Comprehending and Writing Sentences Tues-Thurs. August 4-6

Semantics: Strengthening Vocabulary and Text Comprehension  Tues.-Thurs. August 11-13

Complete Course Description: See flyer.

Cost: 30-hr series is $975/person; includes all materials and three knowledge-to-practice books in the Literacy How Professional Learning Series.



Credit for infographic to: Carolyn Cowen for IDA.

View, Listen & Learn

– Comprehension: Knowledge to Practice, the fourth book in the Literacy How Professional Learning Series has arrived! Five big ideas shape our focus on reading comprehension instruction: text structure, background knowledge, text cohesion, inference, and the reading/writing connection. Each big idea emphasizes the development of students’ ability to understand text.

– Margie Gillis presents Early Writing for Young Children for The Southport CoLAB, recorded May 20, 2020.

– Margie Gillis presents a Dyslexia Primer in this Facebook interview with Smart Kids with LD recorded on May 21, 2020.