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Raising Literacy Achievement
for all Students

Literacy How translates the science of reading into comprehensive professional development and provides mentoring support so teachers are better equipped to raise reading achievement levels. Our approach enhances literacy instruction for all students.


Empowering teachers with knowledge, supporting
best practices

Literacy How helps teachers at every stage in their careers to apply the best and latest evidence-based methods for teaching reading. Through professional development and coaching support, our Mentors work side-by-side with teachers in and out of their classrooms. Our personalized approach builds long-lasting professional relationships to optimize student outcomes.

Parents & caregivers

Helping to raise Readers

Parents are their children’s first teachers. By speaking, listening, and reading to their children, adults help them develop their language and early literacy skills. Learning to read is difficult, but the good news is that with the right instruction most children can be taught to read.

The Literacy How

Reading Wheel

Explore Literacy How’s Reading Wheel to learn about each essential component of comprehensive literacy instruction. Discover its definition, FAQs, teacher tips for putting knowledge into practice, tips for principals for supporting and observing effective teaching, and resources about the evidence behind explicit instruction.

Literacy How Professional Learning Series

The Literacy How Professional Learning Series translates the latest reading research into how-to instruction. The Knowledge to Practice book Series—Phonemic Awareness and Phonics, Syntax, Vocabulary, and Comprehension—is based on the current and comprehensive Literacy How reading model. It draws upon the authors’ decades of expertise and experience working with thousands of general and special education teachers. The Series emphasizes Pre-K-3rd grade conceptual and skill development. Teachers of older emerging or struggling readers will also find these tools useful.

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics—the keys to breaking the code!

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Syntax is essential—even for beginning readers!

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Vocabulary knowledge is essential for effective comprehension!

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Comprehension is the goal of reading—even for beginning readers!

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“The critical thinking or deep comprehension triangle allowed my students to truly understand the story structure.”

-Kayla Shortell, 2nd grade, Mead School, Ansonia

“I had so much success using the syllable house and explicitly teaching my students the six syllable types.  The students loved being challenged and were so excited to see their reading progress.

 —Julie Kamp, Grade 2-3 Special Education Teacher, Meriden

“One of my PD ‘AHA!’ moments is to use ‘kid-friendly definitions of words’ when teaching vocabulary.”

—Heather Riera, Grade 2-4 teacher, Winchester

“This is the best and most helpful PD I have had in MANY years.
The videos were great and definitely backed up the learning points as well as broke up the presentation … the visuals were helpful and will give me something I can refer to later on. Excellent presenter! Her humor and expertise kept me totally engaged.” 

-Participant, Virtual Structured Literacy Series

“The bundling activity helped my students master the compare/contrast standard.”

-Kayla Shortell, 2nd grade, Mead School, Ansonia

“Teaching morphemes enhances both vocabulary and understanding of multi-syllabic words at one time.”

—Deborah Zaleha, K-5 Reading Specialist, Derby

“The ‘I Spy’ activity for elaborated noun phrases worked out great. It really got students thinking, talking, then writing!”

—Tricia Marini, Grade 2-3 teacher, Derby

“Great activities presented for facilitating student discussions using the purposeful partner structure.”

-Jodi Winikainen, Grade 3, John C. Mead School, Ansonia

“Awesome reminder and knowledge about the importance of a systematic approach to teaching literacyI will be using the syllable house, word ladders and many more things to help my struggling readers.”

-Participant, Virtual Structured Literacy Series

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Video: Literacy and Justice for All

"The science of reading should be the guiding force behind what schools do to effectively teach children." Dr. Margie Gillis participates in a multi-disciplinary initiative to set a new standard in this Atlanta school district.

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