Raising Literacy Achievement for all Students

Literacy How translates the science of reading into professional development for teachers and provides mentoring support so that they are better equipped to raise reading achievement levels. Our approach enhances literacy instruction for all students.

Essential Assessment

Our success in helping raise reading achievement levels across your school or district begins with a crucial appraisal. Our collaborative process includes an analysis of your current literacy systems and practices. Practical recommendations are developed based on our experience in what works.

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Literacy and Coaching Support in Your School

Coaching is the key to transforming literacy instruction. Literacy How embeds Mentors who provide this essential coaching and training to translate the science of reading to practice. They teach teachers how to strategically implement, reflect upon, and refine their instruction.

Our Mentors impart evidence-based reading research and best methods for classroom literacy instruction. They work within the context of your existing literacy programs, including Guided Reading, Readers & Writers Workshop, and other core reading programs.

In-Depth Training

Literacy How’s experienced Mentors deliver evidence-based content knowledge and practices for general education and special education teachers. This includes:


A series of one-day workshops on each core component of comprehensive literacy instruction  from  Oral Language through Comprehension.


An IDA-aligned, 30-hr Structured Literacy ™  Series for teaching all students, including those with specific learning disabilities (SLD)/dyslexia.

Customized Training Options

We customize trainings, workshops, presentations, and coaching based on your needs and our expertise. We also offer online courses for teachers and administrators. 

“Stamford Public Schools has a long and valued partnership with Literacy How. Under Dr. Gillis’ leadership, the Literacy How mentors bring their expertise of all areas of literacy to our teachers and classrooms. Our teachers identify the modeling of lessons and coaching provided by the mentors as the most beneficial professional development in which they have ever participated.”

 —Amy c. Beldotti, Assoc. Superintendent of Teaching & Learning, Stamford Public Schools

Measurable & Sustained Impact

Literacy How helps you develop the systems and methodologies to capture and relay your progress in raising reading levels. We teach and support educators to select, administer, and analyze diagnostic assessments to differentiate instruction.

We ensure the sustainability of our impact by:

  • Facilitating the careful selection, intensive instruction, and support of a school-wide “point person” (i.e., internal Literacy Coach) to implement Literacy How’s cognitive coaching model, to build capacity, and to ensure that our model is sustained. 
  • Training teachers to use evidence-based literacy practices through professional development and coaching support.
  • Training administrators to know what evidence-based literacy practices to look for when observing teachers in their walk-throughs.

Comprehensive Reading Evaluation Services

Literacy How offers Comprehensive Reading Evaluations for struggling readers to help determine the best next steps.  The purpose of a comprehensive reading evaluation is to present a functional assessment of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. These can form decisions for appropriate instruction and effective interventions.

Literacy How Professional Learning Series

The Literacy How Professional Learning Series translates the latest reading research into how-to instruction. The Knowledge to Practice book Series—Phonemic Awareness and Phonics, Syntax, Vocabulary, and Comprehension—is based on the current and comprehensive Literacy How reading model. It draws upon the authors’ decades of expertise and experience working with thousands of general and special education teachers. The Series emphasizes Pre-K-3rd grade conceptual and skill development. Teachers of older emerging or struggling readers will also find these tools useful.

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics—the keys to breaking the code!

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Syntax is essential—even for beginning readers!

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Vocabulary knowledge is essential for effective comprehension!

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Comprehension is the goal of reading—even for beginning readers!

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