Look Who’s Talking about Us!

The National Council on Teacher Quality’s “The Four Pillars to Reading Success, An Action Guide for States provides a wealth of resources to explore, including Literacy How!  NCTQ states,

“Learning how to read is not something that comes naturally. Many children need instruction from their teachers that follows
the research on the most effective and efficient methods of teaching reading (often referred to as the “science of reading”).

The path to literacy is supported by many actors, but states have a role in these four essential pillars:

  1. Insisting that prep programs build teacher candidate knowledge.
  2. Recommend to school districts the best tools for assessing their students’ reading skills.
  3. Evaluate and recommend effective instructional materials.
  4. Give resources to districts that allow them to provide external supports to their classroom teachers in reading.

Literacy How is honored to be included among the professional development resources (pillar #4), recommended by this guide’s Expert Panel.

InTeaching Reading Is Rocket Science 2020,” Louisa Moats updates the original article published by the American Federation of Teachers over 20 years ago.

Says Moats,

“This we know: reading failure can be prevented in all but a small percentage of children with serious learning disorders. It is possible to teach most students how to read if we start early and follow the significant body of research showing which practices are most effective … It is our nation’s dedicated teachers and their excellent teaching that will bring the rocket science that is research-based reading instruction to schools and classrooms across the country and will unlock the power and joy of reading for our children.”

Literacy How is honored to be included in “a sampling of institutional and independent training programs providing professional development for teachers that is aligned with current scientific reading research.” 

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities (SKLD) honored Margie Gillis, Ed.D. with its first Lifetime Achievement Award at its twentieth anniversary gala on June 11.

“Thank you so much for honoring my passion to help everyone, including smart kids with learning disabilities, learn to read.”

Dr. Gillis is a dyslexia expert, the president and founder of Literacy How, and co-author of the Literacy How professional learning book series. She has devoted her professional life to ensuring that teachers have the knowledge and skills to implement research-based practices in the classroom. Dr. Gillis has worked with statewide initiatives in Connecticut to close the reading and achievement gap, collaborated in developing an evidence-based PreK lab school model, and lectures widely on reading and dyslexia. She is a Board member and former President of the Dyslexia Society of CT, and a former Board member and President, as well as a co-founder of SKLD.