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We are excited to bring to you an interactive online (self-paced) course with practical
examples to guide and inspire you to teach your students about sentences
and how they work – no matter what their age or grade is!

Course Details

 Length: this self-paced course should take between 3-4 hours to complete. This will depend on how much time is spent practicing and doing the suggested readings. Course materials will be available to complete and as a reference for 60 days. 

Date: Open enrollment – register today and purchase your book in advance. Within 12-48 hours after registration, you will receive the course login details and have 60 days to complete it. 

Cost: $99 – participants need to purchase the book (not included in the price of this course) in advance through Amazon (~$35 USD). We recommend the hard copy version of the book as it will be easier to add notes, bookmark sections, or print pages as needed during your practice. Think of it as a workbook for you.

Register today and make sure you have the book with you prior to the start of the course! 

For group registration through a purchase order, please follow this link: 

In this course you will:


  • Learn the role that syntax plays in supporting reading fluency, comprehension, and writing.
  • Get an in-depth look at our favorite Literacy How activities for teaching sentence building, meaning links and more!
  • Appreciate the importance of making a match between what the students know and what the text offers to support syntactic awareness.

Over the past few years, many teachers have used our Knowledge to Practice Series books to enhance their classroom instruction. The Syntax book has been of particular interest to teachers because it builds teachers’ background knowledge and it also explains how to teach students about syntax in concrete and engaging ways vs. teaching rote memorization of the ‘parts of speech.’ This online course brings the book to life and includes many practical tips and activities to prepare your lessons.


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The Literacy How Professional Learning Series translates the latest reading research into how-to instruction. The Knowledge to Practice book Series—Phonemic Awareness and Phonics, Syntax, Vocabulary, and Comprehension—is based on the current and comprehensive Literacy How reading model. It draws upon the authors’ decades of expertise and experience working with thousands of general and special education teachers. The Series emphasizes Pre-K-3rd grade conceptual and skill development. Teachers of older emerging or struggling readers will also find these tools useful.

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