11/17 Free Virtual Roundtable

 Educational Inequalities:

What Can Be Done?

November 17 at 7:00 pm EST 

co-presented by

The Southport CoLab and Literacy How.


This panel of literacy advocates will speak to what’s causing these inequalities in education, how our most vulnerable children have been impacted in these unprecedented times, and how we might begin to mitigate the consequences moving forward.

  • Collette Fearon, Elementary Principal, New Beginnings Family Academy
  • Margie Gillis, EdD, President and Founder, Literacy How
  • Emily Hanford, Senior Educator Correspondent, APM Reports
  • Dr. Fumiko Hoeft, MD, PhD, University of Connecticut
  • Dr. Julie Washington, PhD, Georgia State University
  • Suzanne Lang, The Southport CoLab, Moderator


The event is free, registration is required.
The conversation will be based on Emily Hanford’s recent podcast,
What the Words Say, available wherever you listen to podcasts.