Fall 2020

2020-2021 Structured Literacy
30-hr Virtual Series

 Literacy How is offering the series directly to schools and groups.

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“This is the best and most helpful PD I have had in MANY years.
 The videos were great and definitely backed up the learning points;
the visuals were helpful and will give me something I can refer to later on. 

Excellent presenter! Her humor and expertise kept me totally engaged.” 

This series developed by Dr. Margie Gillis will empower teachers with knowledge and best practices to enhance their tiered intervention or special education specialized instruction. A Structured Literacy™ approach teaches decoding skills explicitly and systematically, ensuring that students understand the elements of language, including phonology, orthography, morphology, syntax, and semantics. It beneficial for all students and vital for those with dyslexia.

Questions: kimherard@literacyhow.com

Credit for infographic to: Carolyn Cowen for IDA.

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-11/28. Margie Gillis presented at the conference Reading Success for Every Child: Teaching Reading is Rocket Science, hosted by Bermuda College.

Nov. 13-14 IDA Virtual Conference “Reaching New Heights:  Advancing Every Classroom Through the Science of Reading,” Margie will copresent:

    • 11/13 2:30-4:30  Critical Contributors to Comprehension Symposium
    • 11/14 12:15-1:15  Supporting Students’ Language Processing Skills: The Key to Comprehension for Beginning Readers with coauthor Nancy Eberhardt
    • 11/14 3:15-4:15  One Teacher at a Time: Literacy How’s Blended Professional Development Coaching Model with Mentor Christine Cohen

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10/23. Margie Gillis will present the keynote at Oct. 23 virtual Wasatch Reading Summit presented by Decoding Dyslexia Utah. Learn more here.

Literacy How is proud to be a sponsor of these upcoming events. 

10/17-18. Kids Convention 2020 is a 2-day convention for and about children who want to make positive social impact in their community. Fun, STEAM-infused activities. Registration opens 10/6.

Learn more about this Stepping Stones Museum for Children event.

10/16. Dyslexia and Literacy: Executive Functions – Oral Language Connections to Reading and Writing. Streaming Live. The Dyslexia Foundation. MGH Institute of Health Professionals. Register here.

10/3. Margie Gillis will present the keynote,“Transforming How Reading Is Taught: Partnerships to Change Policies and Practice” at PA Branch of IDA’s 42nd Fall Conference on Reading, Literacy, and Learning: “Literacy Across the Lifespan”. She will also participate in a panel discussion. Learn more about the Oct. 3 live virtual event and the Oct. 5-31 recording.