The Literacy How

Professional Learning Series:

 What Every administrator needs to know about the science of reading


This free webinar with Literacy How president, Margie Gillis, and Mentor, Wendy North will explain why every administrator needs to have a working knowledge of the Science of Reading and a basic understanding of Structured Literacy.

This webinar will:
* Provide a rationale for having a basic understanding of the science of reading and what it means for literacy instruction.

* Illustrate the components of comprehensive reading instruction using the Literacy How Reading Wheel.

* Explain why oral language is at the core of the reading wheel.

* Discuss the use of the oral language literacy protocol that can be used as a ‘walk-through tool’ as teachers’ lessons are observed.

* Share advice about how to use a walkthrough tool to provide targeted and meaningful feedback.



To watch additional webinar videos please visit our Video Library.

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