Storytelling: Pass it On!

Join Literacy How members in a 30-minute conversation about how Storytelling impacts reading comprehension. Share it with parents and caregivers! Watch the webinar here:  Pass it on!  Access the Handout here: LH Storytelling Resources

Dyslexia 101

Dyslexia 101: A conversation with Literacy How. Access the recording here: Dyslexia 101 Handout here: Parent Resources for...

Nursery Rhymes

See all the different elements of reading that Nursery Rhymes can teach! Webinar: Nursery Rhymes Handout: Nursery Rhyme Shared Reading Plans & Template (5 days)...

Newsletter: Our Coaching Model

At a time when increasing numbers of children are failing to meet reading benchmarks, we are committed more than ever to our work. Our mentors impart evidence-based reading research and best methods for classroom instruction. That is WHAT we do.