Newsletter: Our Coaching Model

At a time when increasing numbers of children are failing to meet reading benchmarks, we are committed more than ever to our work. Our mentors impart evidence-based reading research and best methods for classroom instruction. That is WHAT we do.

Newsletter: The Importance of Syntax

As the summer of 2022 winds down, we hope you have all had time to rest and recharge. At Literacy How, we have been preparing for the new school year with an added sense of urgency. As we learned about our state’s (CT) SBAC scores several weeks ago, we feel more...

Newsletter: Reading Comprehension

Comprehension is the ability to make meaning. It is much more than a collection of skills and strategies that students apply to text. It requires metacognitive skills, vocabulary, background knowledge, and verbal reasoning ability. Literacy How Newsletter – June...

Newsletter: Vocabulary

Vocabulary refers to the body of words and their meanings that students must understand to comprehend text. Vocabulary knowledge is one of the strongest predictors of reading comprehension.  Newsletter- Vocabulary

Newsletter: Morphology

Morphology is the study of meaningful units of language, called morphemes, and how they are combined in forming words. Read our newsletter here Newsletter: Morphology